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About the author

Michael is a cutting edge Entrepreneur, highly sought after Speaker, and results driven Business Coach. 

Leveraging his professional experience in Wealth Management at J.P. Morgan and Enterprise Sales at Google, Michael facilitates massive growth for his clients.  

When he's not coaching high performers, Michael mentors startup founders at Canopy Boulder and Greenhouse Ventures.

This one of a kind resource offers the best advice from the brightest leaders in Cannabis.

No other book combines the wisdom of so many industry experts in one place.


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"Even if you aren't planning to start a cannabis business, this book is worth reading. And if you are, this book is essential."

"This book is both highly readable and readable high! It provides sound advice that any entrepreneur could benefit from. Having spent a few years in the Cannabis industry, I can confidently say this book is dank."

"Best book on cannabis entrepreneurship out now!!!"

"Stuffed to the brim with useful tips and interesting anecdotes from activists as well as businessmen, "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Cannabis" is an important stepping stone forward for this nascent industry. Whether you're thinking about starting a business or just contributing to the cause, this book can help give you the tools and, more importantly, the mentality necessary to positively impact the cannabis movement."

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